Comments from the Jury on the First Prize Winner Photo

“The Second Between” by Verena Felder

This photo is a really great photo because it manages to create an illusion of a realistic, futuristic building that overshadows all other buildings known to mankind. A fantasy of something new that is coming. The colours that have been used in this photography are indeed romantic - a reflection of the sun. There is something appealing and alluring about this photo. You don’t know whether the building is a mirror or a window, nor if the horizon continues in a straight line into the mirror or glass. You don’t know what’s up and down and yet it is an (super great) extremely well-constructed picture. There’s also great geometrics in the image - with all the many dark squares against the blue purple sky. The only thing that breaks this geometric is the pointy tower and the soft curves in the front of the photo. This image meets the theme Connection – it connects with the earth and sky, night and day, the use of colours, as well as past and future. 



Jury Comments on the 50 Winner Photos:  

All the photos were very different /diverse – some photos were narcissistic self-absorption, some reflected fashion photography from the 70’ies, some were very authentic, immediate, and some familial and psychedelic. Many of the photos were family or vacation photos, of which we in the end only choose one. What caught our eye were the photographers who had the sense of creating an authentic, aesthetic and immediate image with some construction and the ability to frame it interestingly. Also some had great humour, which we liked. The theme “Connection” can be interpreted in many ways, which all the participants’ photos really did show and some were more obvious than others.



The Jury 

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